Hiroichi Co., Ltd Frozen Tuna Importer and Trader
HIROICHI CO.,LTD. Hiroichi Co., Ltd Frozen Tuna Importer and Trader

Company overview

Warm greetings from Hiroichi Co., Ltd.

Tuna is an indispensable item on the dinner tables of Japanese families.
When Japanese cuisine was designated as an intangible cultural heritage in 2013,
the popularity of tuna increased as it became more widely known as a part of this cuisine.

For 17 years, I have been involved with the business of tuna and marine products
since I started out as an intermediary for import transactions. A discerning eye is
needed to carefully evaluate the differences between each tuna, which can
be considerable. Without experience, this process is just not possible.
At Hiroichi, we are very grateful for the customer approval we have received for
our experience and know-how cultivated to date. This gratitude extends to
many ship owners and business partners that have worked with us for numerous
Going forward, we will ensure dedicated awareness of compliance and continue
providing customers with high quality tuna.

      Kunshu Tamai CEO

Hiroichi Co., Ltd.

Company overview

Company name Hiroichi Co., Ltd.
Address 1-1-7, TENJIN, SHIMIZU-KU, SHIZUOKA, JAPAN (〒424-0809)
Representative Kunshu Tamai (CEO)
Established October 2011
Business domains Importing tuna and intermediation of tuna transactions.
Main customers Toyo Reizo Co., Ltd
Try Inc.
Marine Access Corporation
Sapurai Suisan Limited
Sawairi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.