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Privacy Policy

Hiroichi Co., Ltd. respects the privacy of those using our website and strives to protect personal privacy, while strictly observing laws safeguarding personal information.

1. Intended use of personal information

Hiroichi Co., Ltd. uses the personal information of users for the purposes noted below. If the Company uses personal information for reasons other than those noted below, it will clearly state the fact ahead of time and will not deviate from that purpose.

・In order to provide the user(s) with Hiroichi Co., Ltd. services or related information.
・In order to carry out analytic surveys or questionnaires for the sake of improving our services to users.

2. Providing information to third parties

Excluding the cases noted below, Hiroichi Co., Ltd. will not disclosure user information to third parties.

・When legally ordered by a court or government agency.
・When consent is provided by the user.

3. Management of personal information

In safeguarding and management users’ personal information, Hiroichi Co., Ltd. carries out appropriate measures in order to prevent unlawful external access to or loss, destruction, fabrication, leakage, etc. of personal information.

4. Changing, revision, and/or deleting personal information

If Hiroichi Co., Ltd. receives a request to disclose, change, revise, or delete personal information, it will carry out an appropriate response only if the person making the request is confirmed to be the owner of the information.

5. Use of cookies

Hiroichi Co., Ltd.’s website may use software called “cookies” in order to facilitate users’ use of the site. Cookies do not infringe upon user privacy and do not cause any harm to a user’s computer.

6. Initiatives to safeguard personal information

Hiroichi Co., Ltd. strives to continually improve its safeguarding of personal information. We reviews our policies, as necessary, in order to comply with legal revisions and social mandates.

7. Inquiries

Please contact Hiroichi Co., Ltd. by telephone or fax if you have questions about our management of personal information.

TEL: 054-368-6316 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (weekdays only)