We handle five highly popular varieties of tuna.

Tuna come in many varieties. At Hiroichi, we mainly handle the five varieties most popular with Japanese consumers.

Bigeye tuna

This variety lives in deeper waters than other types of tuna and gets its name from the size of its eyes. It is popular for sashimi and sushi dishes and the abundance of catches makes it available at affordable prices. It is often seen in supermarkets, for example.


Albacore tuna

Its Japanese name ‘bincho’ refers to its slightly large and long pectoral fins. It is smaller than other tuna varieties. Since the meat is light red, it is often used in canned and processed products.


Yellowfin tuna

This tuna’s name comes from the yellowish tint to its skin. Its characteristic features include a small head and long fins. It is also popular with consumers outside Japan. Yellowfin is used in a wide variety of sashimi and deli-style side dishes.


Broadbill swordfish

This is the largest of the swordfish varieties and is known for its large eyes. It is sold in many different forms, including sashimi, deli-style side dishes, and processed products.


Striped marlin

Its characteristic feature is the long and sharp sword-like shape of its upper jaw. Since it has many similarities with tuna, it is often called “marlin tuna” in Japanese, though this fish is technically not a variety of tuna. It is often seen for sale as pre-cut filets in supermarkets.